Okay, here is the deal. I am doing a diet for about six weeks. Actually, more like five at this point but I sorta, kinda, in a way started cutting back last week. (My idea of cutting back included chicken alfredo at Red Lobster on Wednesday… but in my defense, I didn’t eat all of it..) My deal is that I like food and I’m lazy. In fact, I love food and I’m lazy. I couldn’t find a way to make the lazy part sound better. Apologies.
I work a menial desk job and barely move when I get home, which makes me pretty much hopeless to achieve any of my fitness goals. Until now I’ve never had a fitness goal.
I’m trying to do all in my power to change that. I bought these shakes that are supposed to be healthy for you and plan on eating one for lunch daily. At least during the week. I just made one and it smells like a chocolate milkshake, because my mind needs to be tricked. And because my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Could. Not. Resist. My friend at work got me to try hers and I’ve been hooked.
All I eat is crap and my pants don’t zip. So there you have it. Also, I’m taking a last minute trip to New York city with my boyfriend and I wanna look great. And two weeks after New York on June 8th his mom is getting married. I’m so excited, we have not one really good picture of us together, and I would love to look not totally hopeless in them. It’s also my boyfriend’s birthday the day after so it’s a really fun time, and I want to feel and look my best.
I’m the polar opposite of a goal oriented person, but I try. I’m always full of good intetions but have horrible follow through. Case in point, I got home, ate a little bit of my leftover Mexican food from yesterday, and got on the treadmill. I walked for a solid 8 minutes before it completely shut down. Just stopped. I turned it off and on a few times, but there was no hope. My only alternative was to give myself a pedicure while watching the Ryan Seacrest interview with the Kardashians. Mindless television goal complete!
So, I decided to eat some swiss steak and mashed potatoes and make my shake, side salad, and breakfast for the morning. So it’s starting well. No one but me and my boyfriend will probably ever read this and that’s fine. I want my dry sense of humor and lack of concern for my own well being documented. So I have my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow planned out and I’m walking with a friend tomorrow night. Anything to combine exercise and seeing a friend is good in my book, she can exercise circles around me but I will trip over something every seconds and make her laugh. I’m always good for that. To end the night I had a cheese stick and some almonds. Almonds are one of the few healthy things I love, so I’m gonna eat so many almonds I may turn into one. I was too tired to make this wittier, but give it a day. I’m trying a healthy persona on for size, cna’t wait to see how that fits.